Certificate Courses in Natyashastra/ Nattuvangam And Research classes

Posted On: Monday, December 29th, 2014
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Author: Editor

Noopura Bhramari- introducing Bharata’s Natyashastra and other important treatises teaching classes(Certificate course) along with Nattuvangam training courses on weekly/monthly basis to ​interested candidates (sub junior, junior, senior, vidwat and MA dance students and performers) and interested sahridaya’s.

Candidates can opt different sessions like 

  1. Theory Classes on Natyashastra Stories and Choreography/Abhinaya skills  
  2. Natyashastra Chapters OR Selected Dance Treatises like Abhinaya Darpana, Sangeeta Ratnakara, Nartana Nirnaya, Lasya Ranjana  etc.,( Preferences will be given to  the Selected Chapters choosen by candidates)
  3. Natyashastra Practical Class 
  4. Natyashastra Theory and practical sessions both at a time
  5. Bharatanatyam Junior, Senior and Vidwat Grade Theory and practical syllabus
  6. Special course on Nattuvangam Skills and practicals according to different dance treatises
  7. Research guidance is also available through the Noopura Bhramari for interested candidates.
  8. Puraana Katha Malika
  9. Cultural Journalism
  10. Dance compositions
  11. Aesthetics

General Guidlines

  • All the session combines both Theory and Practicals.
  • Theory and Practical sessions will be 6 session each divided into 2 schedules i.e 6+ 6 class.
  • Different fee structure based on course modules. Payment can be done through NET banking or money transfer to this below Bank address available.
  • For Research guidance/ research article/ dissertation preparation or any other project works; candidates has to follow the institution fee structure. The fee structure varies upon the method of research and duration it involves (Minimum 1500Rs/-). Candidates can join and participate in the programmes of Research related activities/guidance by paying for life time membership fee 5000Rs/- to Noopura Bhramari Researcher’s Wing. The Publication wing of Noopura Bhramari always supports these candidates and their research; by taking special interest to publish in Journal and also by extending co-operation for publishing in any other means. Quality is our criteria.
    • Classes will be conducted as per the preferences given by candidates (Like online or offline)​.
    • Quality is our criteria. The complete attention towards Class and course is expected from the candidate. For attaining proper, healthy, competitive class procedure, no other person( except candidate) is allowed in class timings. Without proper reason and prior permission candidate should not discontinue the course or class regulations. If such cases found, Noopura Bhramari Foundation has all the rights to take disciplinary action and candidate admission/result/facility will be withhelded.
    • NoopuraBhramari believes in morals and values of Indian Culture and Gurukula tradition. It works purely on ethical grounds. So any kind of unethical, unconstitutional, fictitious, secretive, propagandas are not encouraged. Disciplined, punctual, patient, soft behaviour is always appreciated.
    • Noopura Bhramari aim towards overall personality development and complete understanding of prescribed texts/practical approach. Thus syllabus might get modified based on the performances and caliber of the candidate. For this, Faculty will decide and take responsibility to evaluate the candidates standard of understanding and education received so far.
    • Final test and completion of some assignments for theory and practical’s to be taken by the candidate for certification need. After completion of 3 months preliminary course, candidate can take the next 3 months expert course which contains higher level studies. If candidate feel tough in handling the syllabus or due to time inconvenience, they can extend the course class for further more days also.
    • If candidates are more in number; faculty/foundation shall take the decisions on class  and course patterns. Entrance test may be conducted if faculty demands/wish to analyse the caliber of candidate.
    • No supervision/personal meddling is entertained. The decision of Noopura Bhramari Trust is Final.
    • Those who willing to avail the classes and details please contact 9964140927. Or editor@noopurabhramari.com

    Bank Details: The Federal Bank Limited, Puttur

    Account Number: Noopura Bhramari – 18940100002234

    IFSC Code: FDRL0001894


2 Responses to Certificate Courses in Natyashastra/ Nattuvangam And Research classes

  1. Meera Srikanth

    Kindly let me know where and what proposed days are meant for the classes to facilitate a positive decision. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity being provided and do sincerely hope I can avail the same.

  2. Anuradha Murali

    I have done senior Karnataka board exam. I need to continue and develop more skills and to get more knowledge . so I can create a wonderful platform for my career by using this great opportunity.

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