Nritāyanukeertana : Aesthetics of Choreography &learning of Dance items

Posted On: Thursday, May 20th, 2021
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Author: Principal


Is it possible to learn #Natyashastra_movements within 3 months of time frame ? That too by applying towards specific, rare composition ? What kind of movements ( #Charis, #Karanas) can be better learned within ? What about its #aesthetics? Is it possible within the #Bharatanatya frame of different schools? Is it possible within a short span of time? Different time zones?- That too amidst of lot of challenges given by Covid 19?
All these questions has been effectively answered by our candidates who attended First batch of #Nrityanukeertana#certificatecourse On #Understanding_of_Choreography aesthetics ( 4 different #danceitems ) with relation to Natyashastra conducted by #Noopurabhramari !
They were no less than the Regular batch of students of Natyashastra. Congratulations. It was effective learning !!
and The tutor was none other than aesthetician, performer, Guru Dr Shobha Shashikumar ; who made all this possible.
Words fall short to explain the co-operation extended by Madhulika Srivatsa and Nivedita Bharadhwaj being Asst. faculties to the course.
Thanks to vid Nagashree Narayan, M.s. Pramukh and Vid Vinay – for wonderful Studio recording of songs.
Thanks to Dr Dwaritha Viswanatha for graciously accepting our invitation to be chief guest for the valedictory session.
And Thanks to one and all who were part of the course. You have did it !!
Obviously Queries are more..for next batch…
Shall come up with new batch of session soon and new course prospects too !!
Till then, watch some of #performances done by our candidates Shruti and Varsha Jinka From USA.
And our little Haripriya Hosamani from Gouribidanur (#Kanakadasa_Koravanji )
More shall follow soon.

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3 Responses to Nritāyanukeertana : Aesthetics of Choreography &learning of Dance items

  1. Naina Shastri

    I would like to know if the courses and research study by Noopura Bhramari is also offered to international students, or should the prospective students be in India?
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  2. ಮನೋರಮಾ. ಬಿ.ಎನ್

    Yes. It is applicable to all nook and corner of the world. In fact many has already benefitted from the courses… Over the sea…

  3. Unitha

    This is one of the best courses I have attended. I have gained knowledge in applying some of the Natyashastra karanas. Dr Shobha Ma’am is such a knowledgeable and humble person.I looked forward to every of her sessions. Truly enjoyed how the compositions were explained and grateful for the effort put in to guide us.
    A big thank you to Manorama Ma’am’s encouragement and for organising this course.
    A special thanks to our graceful Madhulika who was always present to clear our doubts.
    Very excited to widen my knowledge through the various courses offered by Noopura Bhramari.

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