Nritāyanukeertana : Aesthetics of Choreography &learning of Dance items (with special reference to Natyashastra)

Posted On: Sunday, December 20th, 2020
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Author: Principal


Noopura Bhramari (R.), an Institution par excellence with the intention of promoting research in the field of Performing Arts and deep study of all aspects of different Art-forms invites applications for its new course

  • This course will give an understanding of using the Angika elements of the Natya Sastra (Anga bhedas, Charis, Nritta-Hastas and selected Karanas), applying which, a few Bharatanatyam items will be taught. Items chosen are rare and special compositions. The technique of ‘movement transforming into an emotion’, is the focus in choreography of the items and the teaching of the same.Nritya is the ‘samagama’ of Nritta (rhythmical movement of the limbs) and Natya( dramatization) elements. Hence dance is essentially emoting through aesthetic movement. This understanding is the objective of teaching in the compositions.
  • 4 unique compositions will be taught. Among them 2 is Sanskrit, 1 Kannada and 1 Telugu -of different composers, which supports the treatment of Natyashastra 
  • Course Head and Instructor is : Dr Shobha Shashikumar.She is Researcher, Scholar, Teacher, Aesthetician and Performer with par excellence.
  • Course shall meet the needs of a performing artist, serious pursuer and teachers.
  • Duration of the course: 18+2=20 sessions
  • Duration of each session: 1hr
  • Mode of Instruction : Group online classes
  • Latest Batch will begin from– January 30th , 2021 (on demand of applicants and course instructor availability)
  • Timings: Saturday : 5-6pm and Sunday: 5-6pm
  • Medium of Instruction : English
  • The sessions include the teaching of some Charis, Nritta-Hastas, Karanas that are required for the composition along with their theoretical understanding. Usable audio will be given.
  • Online Certification will be provided on the successful completion of the course.
  • Eligibility criteria:
  • Quality is our criteria. Selection process will be conducted for the applicants. Merit based selection. Minimum eligibility is 18years and intensive training in Bharatanatyam for a minimum 6 to 8 years. Maximum of 15 members only are taken. Shall communicate if candidate has been selected. Entrance test may be conducted if faculty demands/wish to analyse the calibre of candidate. After selection of candidates, registration procedure and payment of fees should be done by candidates.
  • Fill the Google form. Last date to receive application: January 15th, 2021.
  • Fee for the entire course is eight thousand only. Once the fee is paid and the registration procedure is over, classes will commence from the last weekend of January.
  • Decision of selection committee is final. No supervision/personal meddling is entertained. NoopuraBhramari believes in morals and values of Indian Culture and Gurukula tradition. Disciplined, punctual, patient, soft behaviour is always appreciated.
  • For further enquiry whatssapp/call +91 9964140927 ;  or write to

Bank Details for Fee deposit: The Federal Bank Limited, Puttur

Account Number: Noopura Bhramari – 18940100002234

IFSC Code: FDRL0001894

2 Responses to Nritāyanukeertana : Aesthetics of Choreography &learning of Dance items (with special reference to Natyashastra)

  1. Naina Shastri

    I would like to know if the courses and research study by Noopura Bhramari is also offered to international students, or should the prospective students be in India?
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  2. ಮನೋರಮಾ. ಬಿ.ಎನ್

    Yes. It is applicable to all nook and corner of the world. In fact many has already benefitted from the courses… Over the sea…

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