Dance as a boon

Posted On: Sunday, April 14th, 2013
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Author: Arpita Vijaykumar Halakatti,Belgaum

The art of dance is based on classical movements .When the spectator involves himself in the dance like the dancer it gives a great aesthetic pleasure. The art of dance has got a magical effect of self forgetfulness and surroundings .A sincere dancer has got many advantages in brief they are as follows:

1. Special shine to eyes

2. Strength to hands and legs

3. Tolerance towards suffering

4. Smiling face, politeness and humanity

5. Increase in memory power

6. A graceful walk

The art of dance is not only the medium of entertainment, but also of moral and social education.

A healthy and strong body is most necessary for the mind to work its way. The artists mind finds satisfaction only when every limb tends to perform effortlessly. In the art of dance, there is need to know the meaning of every sound, every word and even that of every letter. It is because of dance the dancer has to frequently change from one emotional expression to other and from one kind of verbal expression to other keeping the mind alert. Thus the body and mind learns to withstand the strain of movements.

The dance “adavu”, if you look at is similar to yoga postures .In the movement of feet; the feet have to make an angle of 160o to 180o while feet act rhythmically. This way every nerve is pressed into action. The blood vessels act along with the nerves and act of blood purification goes on continuously. The hasta mudras provide a good physical exercise to fingers and wrist.

The ears which have to engage themselves in carefully listening to background music and the literary aspects not only taste the sweetness of music but also mould themselves in healthy manner. The music which often sings the glory of divine or depicts any story related to divine is based on classical ragas.

Researchers have found that each raga emits a particular vibration which heals many of the mental and physical illnesses and also increases the wellbeing of people who sing and listen to them. Any other sport can be beneficial but the lack of intelligence, enjoyable aspects and spiritual atmosphere which the dance offers makes dance the ideal scientific body language.

The ornaments again have got a deep spiritual roots where the ornaments adorning the head depicts sushumna, ida and pingala, the 3 major nadis or the 3 nerves. Dance integrates our inner world, opens the channel, connects between inner and outer realities. As mam Rumini Devi puts it “The aim of a dancer is to unite with the universal soul thus attaning moksha.”

I remember how I studied my school lessons at home, reading each line, learning the 1 st line by heart then 2nd then both. Later I realized this is the same method I was taught to learn adavus, steps concerning the foot first then hasta mudras then abhinaya then all together. So subconsciously these get integrated into students’ life. They are able to lead a harmonius life, integrating spirituality into daily life and above all conent with simple pleasures avoiding gaudy lavishnesses or showoffs.

Another beautiful ritual we have seen is that at start of every performance the dancer is made to pay respects to Lord, Guru, Instrumentalists, audiences and so on. So the performer who is continuously exposed to these types of traditions which definitely imbibe these qualities into daily life and are often seen as pleasant, good natured, calm, happy, bright, intelligent, and humble.

Now let me share my personal experience. Im learning and practicing dance since 15 years under my Guru Vidushi Smt. Rekha A. Hegde and training some of the students since 4 years along with my Engineering. Initially I was very reserved person, scared to face the world alone, low confidence. But when my dance career started there was a drastic change. In my life my academics owe to my dance field, for instance, during my SSLC and PUC board I practiced dance till the last days. Though I was a bit panic at the start, when my results were in my hand, my happiness was spell bound. I would like to mention 2 most important qualities that are deeply rooted in me just because of dance, those are perseverance and patience and I Owe to them. Recently I had to present a seminar in the class and just half an hour before I was informed. I quickly worked on my concept and was able to present it very well when compared to my mates. The all credit goes to dance field again. 

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