Guidelines for submitting Performing arts Research article

Posted On: Thursday, January 22nd, 2015
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Noopura Bhramari (R.)

 Noopura Bhramari (R.), Karnataka – one of the premier institutions of research and publication in India, proposes to address a long felt, un-spelt academic need. This is devoted exclusively to the promotion of publication, advanced research and scholarship on Dance and allied arts as well as to developing requisite resources in Art for research in all the areas of human endeavor including the sciences.

Journal Bi-Monthly called Noopura Bhramari (availed ISSN No. 2321-2519* Both for Print and Web edition).


Guidelines for submitting complete Research article for Journal


  1. Manuscripts to be typed in 1.5 space on one side of the paper only. There shall be ample margins on all four sides. The affiliation and complete addresses of the contributors are furnished at the end of the article. We appreciate if the author could send papers through Email or CD/DVD.
  2. Each article is appended with detailed notes; numbered serially and should not exceed 10,000 words (strictly). Article should not carry un-wanted paragraphs which is not related to research topic done by the candidate. The review article should not exceed 4,000 words. Article should specify its research objectives/goals and used methodology either separately or beginning of the Article. Primary and secondary source to be mentioned.
  3. References should be typed at the end of article; Citations should appear alphabetically. Multiple citations for the same author are distinguished.
  4. Style of reference to be in specific style like APA style, MLA style etc; depending upon the area of research.
  5. Language used in research paper article Kannada/English/Hindi.
  6. Double Quotes are used. Single quote is used for quotes within quotations with suitable margin space.
  7. Figures and tables to be on separate sheets of paper and numbered.
  8. Copyright Permission for charts, pictures and photographs from other published works to be mentioned. Photos and charts ( if sending through mail) should be in proper high resolution. Photos to be sent by Author of Article. No substitute
  9. Credits to be given properly.
  10. All articles are subject to review by the designated referees.
  11. If the research paper is presented/published in any other ways, such papers will be withheld from publishing.
  12. Address, small bio-data of writer will be given in the beginning or end of the research write-up.
  13. No repetition in the subject of research is encouraged. If such cases are seen, immediately the paper will be withheld from publications.
  14. Small Abstract to be written based on the necessity and content of the subject.
  15. Content of the research paper is our main criteria for selection. If the content is not satisfactory, though the article may be completed in following all the guidelines will be rejected. In such cases candidate can take the help/guidance for improving article quality.
  16. We don’t give any promise of keeping fixed printing quality as it  consistently changes due to the many other factors. The may be single color or sometime multi color layered printing also. We only aims at keeping standards in research than the quality of journal paper. Quality of research and writing is our criteria than the format or outer beautification ( No matter the person whoever it may be)
  17.  Decision of the Selection committee will be final.  Committee consist of many multilingual scholars and Art researchers. Thus there may be suggestions by committee if Research paper needed some modifications; which to be fulfilled by author in special cases. The sub-standard papers will be rejected. Persons not following the rules mentioned above will not be allowed.
  18. Personal meddling with the selection process is totally discouraged. However, those desirous of availing guidance can contact the committee.
  19. Online printed articles model is available in the publication wing sub category – Noopura Bhramari magazine ->Shodha Bhramari
  20. Special Note : Research guidance is also available through the Noopura Bhramari for interested candidates.It is for Research guidance/ research article/ dissertation preparation or any other project works.  Candidates has to follow the Noopura Bhramari Foundation fee structure. The fee structure varies upon the method of research and duration it involves (Minimum 1500Rs/-). Candidates can join and participate in the programmes of Research related activities/guidance by paying for life time membership fee 5000Rs/- to Noopura Bhramari Researcher’s Wing. The Publication wing of Noopura Bhramari always supports these candidates and their research; by taking special interest to publish in Journal and also by extending co-operation for publishing in any other means.

All correspondence, enquiry is addressed to the

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Noopura Bhramari (R.)

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