Kalagowri Abhyaasavedi – Call for application for performances

Posted On: Tuesday, March 7th, 2023
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Author: Editor

Kalagowri is giving exclusive opportunity to perform as a Seva, at the heart of Basavanagudi, Bengaluru. Many artistes have performed since five years and have experienced the divine blessings of Kalagowri, a deity with an amalgamation Trishaktis, and Embodiment of Dance..

Here is an opportunity to interested budding Classical (Carnatic/Hindustani/devotional music/Bharatanatya and other classical dances/Yakshagana, etc ) artists . Use this platform to build spirit and competence.

1. It is a Path towards attaining Art Experience and also Art Excellence. Our prime motive is to encourage art and artistes by giving platform.
No Allowance /Remuneration will be given.

2. CD/DVD is also allowed for a dance recital. Solo or Duet Performance is permitted.

3. Committee will select the candidate according to the merit. Decision of Committee is final.

5. No age/caste/religion/language barriers.

6. Goshti Gana (Group song), Samoohanrtya (group dance) are also encouraged.

7. Light, Sound facility and Refreshments shall be provided..

Programme is open for public.

Recital/Concert Timings :
1st Saturday of every month, 6 to 7 pm..

Interested candidates can apply with their biodata and Photo with link of performance video to the e-mail id given.

Thank You,

contact : Shalini vittal

The main intention in creating KALÂGOWRI is to provide a platform to all performing artists, irrespective of their age and art subject too. There is an opportunity for classes, lectures, lecture-demonstrations, speech, bhajans, discourses, competitions, discussions, meditation, yoga and other similar things. The platform shall be made available on a monthly basis, in general and on special occasions too.

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