#Krishna as a #Sringaranayaka- Vamshi Vilasa- A Padavarna performance with research approach

Posted On: Saturday, August 11th, 2018
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Author: ಮನೋರಮಾ. ಬಿ.ಎನ್

#Krishna as a #Sringaranayaka is a celebrated theme in #Indianclassicaldance. Equally favoured is the #Padavarna composition in a #Bharatanatyarepertoire. One of the most popular themes for this is a #Virahotkanthitanayika, the one who is in distress at the absence of her beloved.

Would it be possible to bring some minor changes in the Padavarna structure so as to ensure that the sthayi bhava of the character and the #composition is not lost? Is there a possibility of bringing harmony in the concepts of #Nrtta and #Abhinaya, and does the #Natyasastra #angikahelp us do this? Does the Virahotkanthita who is pining for her dear Krishna have any hope? Will he ever come back?

Find out in the experimental research-based #performance#VamshiVilaasa, a unique first-of-its-kind #KannadaPadavarna composition inspired by the #Krishnakarnamrta of #Leelashukha penned by Sri K S Upadhyaya and Dr Manorama B.N., Music and notation done by Rohini Kanchana Subbarathnam and Vidushi Kanchana Shruthi Ranjanipresented by Madhulika Srivatsa on *August 12th 2018 at 6:30pm* as a part of the #Danceresearchsymposium organised by #NoopuraBhramariand #Kalagowri* at Kalagowri, Basavanagudi.

A video snippet of the attempted work is attached below..

For more information contact
Dr Manorama B N, convener

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