Mayura Alarippu in Bharatanritya language

Posted On: Tuesday, February 13th, 2018
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Mayura Alarippu in Bharatanritya language Employing Natyashastra Karanas

Clipping of rendition of *mayura alarippu* 
Performed in February symposium performance organised by *Noopurabhramari and *Kalagowri*

Concept and performance by *Sangeeta Iyer*
Disciple of Dr Shobha Shashikumar Bengaluru

Conceptual details

Retaining the traditional structure of an alarippu-to be performed in three levels of sama, araimandi and muzhumandi; and in three speeds- this is an experiment to utilize the *Bharatanrtyam* language in the alarippu format to bring out the concept of a dancing peacock.
The “Mayura Alarippu” as such is not a new concept. In fact, the dancer was inspired to create this piece after having watched one such rendition- she felt that the Mayura could be justified in angika by the use of Bharatanrtyam.

Traditionally, an alarippu is interpreted as the blooming of a flower- where the dancer is the flower, and she blooms to perform the rest of the margam.
Sangeeta interpreted the dancer as a peacock, and this piece as the unfurling of the peacock which get inspired by clouds and dances in its own way. This Alarippu is a blend of various karanas.

Ragam: Traditional Taalam: Rupakam (Tisra Alarippu)

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