Posted On: Sunday, October 25th, 2020
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Author: Principal/Editor

Short-term Online Certificate Course on Nayika and Nayaka

with special focus on Indian classical Dance
Specially designed for Performing Artistes

Noopura Bhramari (R.), an Institution par excellence with the intention of promoting research  in the field of Performing Arts and deep study of all aspects of different Art-forms invites applications for its new course on Nayikas.

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Highlights of the Course

  • This course will give a detailed understanding of the nāyikās and the nāyakas based on several primary texts. Popular misconceptions will be addressed and the varieties and subvarieties will be analysed. A practical approach of how to portray them on stage with apt activities as enlisted by śāstras and suitable āhārya that could be used, will be discussed. The nāyaka as a counterpart of the nāyikā and the nāyaka as a parallel to the nāyikā avasthas will also be dealt with. Variety of lyrics delineating both the nāyaka and nāyikā varieties will be introduced.
  • Course Instructor: Dr Dwaritha Viswanatha. Special lectures by experts will be organized based on course requirements.
  • Meets the needs of a performing artist, serious pursuer and teachers, who wish to have a deep understanding of the various Nāyikās and Nāyakas. 
  • The course is designed to have 14+2 sessions, taught by experts
  1. Duration of each session :1.5 Hrs
  2. Timings: weekend evenings. 3PM-4.30PM (If candidates are more in number, based on priority we shall may keep a morning session too.)
  • Classes will be for a duration of 2 months – Nov and Dec 2020
  • Medium of Instruction : English
  • Mode of Instruction: Group Online classes
  • Discussions and Assignments will be taken up. 
  • Certification will be issued after the completion of the course
  • End of course examination is optional
  • Eligibility criteria: Merit based selection. 7 years of performing experience or senior level completion mandatory. Decision of selection committee is final. 
  • Last date to receive application: 28 Oct 2020
  • Discussions, Assignments and Q and A sessions will be part of the course. Nāyaka and nāyikā literature from traditional old padams, jāvalis, Aṣṭapadis, Verses from Amaruśatakam will be dealt with. Students will be introduced to new compositions too. No item will be taught but suggestions for application of the theory will be given so that candidates will be able to choreograph themselves to all compositions of all varieities.

Procedure of Enrollment and fee deposit

  1. First come first serve basis.
  2. Fill the application form, scan and send to the email with confirmation letter.
  3. Once fee paid and application procedure over, shall lead the classes from First weekend of November 2020. Last date to receive Applications: 28October, 2020. For further details, please write to editor@noopurabhramari.com or call +91 9964140927
  4. One time payment. No installments. The Fee to be credited to the bank account of Trust. And Information to be filed in application form.
  5. The information of Bank details to send fee is, below.

Noopura Bhramari (R)

Federal bank Ltd; Puttur Branch

Account No. 18940100002234 

 IFSC Code : FDRL0001894



Listening #ShatavadhaniGanesh Sir lecture means tasting a nectar through Ears !
A mindblowing, heartwarming session on #Shringara in #Nayikantaranga #certificatecourse by #NoopuraBhramari
 It is a grand opening to the session on #NayikasNayakas. On 21 November 2020

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