Call for Shodha Sarani – An Online Research Symposium series

Posted On: Saturday, May 15th, 2021
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Author: Convener, Editor

After the successful production of Shravana Sarani- Expert lecture series, in auditory form held in 2020; We – Noopura Bhramari, the reputed institute of Karnataka for qualitative research and writing have now come up with another series Shodha SaraniAn art research series.

This series is dedicated to all kinds of Performing Arts including allied art forms. Our aim is to encourage, promote qualitative research; and help in the upcoming studies by establishing the productive research to the Art fraternity.

Through this series, researchers and scholars will be featured with their subject of Art research. It is a great opportunity to make known the research work and the benefitted by the best reach.

 Who can participate?

This is not a one day programme. The series of presentations will be uploaded on Noopura Bhramari youtube page, and subsequently the research paper will also be published in our online journal bearing the ISSN no.

Not only the ardent research scholars, Phd/MPhil/MA holders can apply; but also a laymen with original insights on any relevant subject that benefit the field, may also apply.

Procedure to send Synopsis video

The synopsis/summary/abstract of the presentation to be made for 5 (Five) minutes; which should comprise the below elements.

  1. Introduction towards topic- within a 1 minute.
  2. Importance of the subject – within a 1 minute
  3. Objectives and methodology- within 1 minute
  4. Summary of whole research/ Find outs- Remaining time

Presentation can be done either in Kannada/ English.

How to send?

Abstract Video should be sent to Whatsapp number- 9964140927; in the prescribed format only.

Process of selection  

Quality is our criteria. A team of experts will judge and select the applicants for this series. (suggestions if necessary, will also be given by the expert team) Concluding remarks will be given by the expert team.

Selected researcher should do a presentation through video recording of their topic (with necessary Ppt slides/Video/Audio attachment) for a half hour.

**In extreme cases, those who are unable to produce a Video presentation; will be allowed to submit a research writing in detail.

The three best presentations will get the Certificate of Honour and Book prize. However, every paper presenter will be given a Participation certificate.

For all reasons, the decision of Noopura Bhramari Trust is Final.

Last date???

Last date to send the video file is June 10th, 2021.

No entrance Fee.


Visit Youtube channel for 2020 Shravana sarani series.

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