Nāṭyāyana- A Journey of Dance from Bhāva to Rasa

Posted On: Saturday, January 18th, 2020
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Nāṭyāyana- A Journey of Dance from Bhāva to Rasa

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Authored by Dr. Shobha Shashikumar

Published by Noopura Bhramari (R.)

Book details : Research publication

1/8 demmy, Pages : 300 ; 80gms inner pages, 300gsm mulptiple colour coverpage

Individual Book Price 475/- INR


About the book

Nāṭyāyana – A Journey of Dance from Bhāva to Rasa’ truly describes the plethora of feelings like dreams, efforts, successes, failures, hopes, surprises, challenges, excitement, exhaustion etc. in the journey of any ardent pursuer of art, beginning from the learning of the form to the realisation of Rasa. Nāṭyāyana is a title to the ‘life sketch’ of every striving dancer in that way. The first section titled ‘Nāṭyāntaḥ-śodha (Dance: The Re-search)’ comprises of the research articles on fundamental concepts of the technical terminologies. In the second section titled ‘Nāṭya-bhārata (Dance: The Perspectives), the technical and aesthetic aspects are specifically given a personal and a social angle to make them relevant to the journeys at the micro (individual) and the macro (society) levels. This book is meant to cater to the interests of any dancer, dance researcher, connoisseur and art lover.

It is very helpful to understanding the concepts, philosophy of dance and also useful for exams too.


About the Author

Dr. Shobha Shashikumar is an acclaimed Bharatanṛtya danseuse, choreographer, researcher, teacher and a writer. With the backing of the concepts of Alaṅkāra-śāstra, her special focus includes the aesthetic blending of the technique of ‘Mārga-karaṇas’ and ‘Bharatanāṭya-adavus’. She has been specially acknowledged for her presentations of ‘Kāvya’ and ‘Vedānta’ based literatures, which have been highly appreciated by scholars and common spectators alike. Being equipped with both theoretical and practical capabilities, she is one of the most sought-after resource persons.


Going through the writings of Dr. Shobha Shashikumar, I feel that the study of Indian dance has attained philosophical maturity.

– Śatāvadhāni Dr. R Ganesh, In his Foreword

Content page

Book has been released on 17th January, 2019 by Shatavadhani Dr R Ganesh, Multilingual Scholar, @ National level Conference on Performing Arts.  at Jain University Campus, Bengaluru.


Selected Portions from Foreword ( 5th page)


Selected Portions from Foreword ( Final pages)

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